Similar scenes in PLL and Clues to Aria’s Twin

Aria wearing same dress

Recently IMK said A takes over from Mona in Season 3, so I started watching and there are a lot of similar sequences in PLL, I’m wondering if they can give us any clues to A’s identity.

Marlene CluesThat night and the night Emily disappears.

Spencer pllBoth scenes play out the same, with Aria waking up Hanna and Spencer saying she’s looked everywhere, she’s even wearing red.

In the pilot and in Season 3 first epi, Aria is wearing exactly the same dress and has the same pose.

Aria wearing same dressWilden comes to talk to the girls at Ali’s funeral and Holbrook at Wildens.

Wilden and HolbrookEmily running to Ali’s house in Season 1 and again in 2×25, the same song also plays.

pll similar scenesWhat are the writers telling us?

Aria could be A, because she wears the same outfit? Or that she has something to do with A?

Maya could be A, because she ‘disappeared’ the same way Ali did, she could have found Ali’s box that she hid in the wall full of Mona’s A stuff and taken over?

Spencer could be A, because was up both times, was on drugs and both times they were at her house and her barn? Her rules?

Emily could be A, because she wants to get revenge for Maya?

Hanna could be A, because Mona betrayed her and she was bullied by Ali and felt insecure next to the other girls?

What did the girls do in those five months?

Aria went to photography school, A loves taking photos.

Emily built schools. A is handy with a drill.

Spencer was at Hollis, she could have done some research into Marion, Byron and Ezra who all went to Hollis.

Hanna lied about the Vera Wang but A loves Fashion and Hanna was building up her vocabulary, need to get smart for some reason Hanna?

The point is that any of the girls could be A, I’m wondering whether they would be or if it is a definite twin.

When I saw this picture, the eye looked like Aria, but Aria and the girls were on the other side so it could be Aria’s twin.

This is the eye in the episode now you see me, now you don’t. Doesn’t this eye look like Aria’s? Except Aria and the girls were on the other side, i’m thinking Aria is not A but her twin could be.

aria eye

In the opening credit, this looks like Aria’s eye too.

Aria pll

Aria and Bethany are twins, one at Radley and one at home.

The Aria we see would be the twin. Maybe they are in it together because their families kept them separated?

Maybe Mona was killed by Aria’s twin, that why she was shocked, because she called Aria before, maybe Aria told her twin that Mona knows.

I don’t know if they could be Mrs. D’s daughters with Byron, or a plausible explanation would be that Mrs. D had an affair with Byron’s brother and they are his kids. Byron took Aria in after his brother couldn’t handle the daughters because he wasn’t well. What if Byron’s brother is living in that creepy Halloween house and no-one knows it.  

What do you think? xoxo

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