Songs of Innocence PLL Recap

Songs of innocence pll recap

Songs of innocence pll recap

You may think yesterday’s episode didn’t give away much clues but there was some very interesting things going on that revealed some big give-aways about the liars and their personalities.. I’ll go into this later after a short recap – Spoilers if you have not seen the new episode!

So the girls are all back home, and I loved the emotions that were flowing in the episode. So Charles made the girls play games in their rooms, the girls are really close and none of them would go against each other but A made them do exactly that. So did he want to break the girls friendships up? Aria said Sorry to Spencer, I’m guessing she chose to do something to her over the others.

The moments between Haleb were sweet, loved this line:  “Sometimes the broken bits grow back stronger”

Did Ali give something away when she said to Spencer “……..” I don’t think it was a direct clue but maybe it meant something else, maybe one of their parents are impostors?

Or the Hastings and DiLaurentis’ swapped babies, how about Ali and Spencer? Or maybe Marion was involved, she was a baby nurse, was she pushed because she knew about some babies being swapped? Or was she part of the incident, because Toby was told by Mr. Hastings that stuff would come out about his mum if details of his mum’s death was investigated.

A knows all the liar’s personalities –

We saw Sara return, apparently she doesn’t think Andrew is responsible for this mess, so has she seen something or does she know Andrew and she wants the liars to help get him released? Out of all the liars, Emily goes so far to help a friend, she’s loyal. Remember this……

In Taking This One To The Grave when Emily is stopping Ali from leaving but Ali finds out the girls’ plan to keep her with Emily, Ali is hurt and tells Emily she feels betrayed because of all she trusted her and Emily replies that it must hurt to be betrayed by the “loyal one” She went so far for Hanna to get money for her when she needed and that showed Emily’s loyalty. A knows this.

Loyal one Emily

We saw that Spencer always turns to pills when she is stressed out so is this an occurring thing? I think Spencer knows Charles from Radley but she can’t remember. A knows this too.


Hanna wants to leave her old life behind so she doesn’t need to think about her torment. She didn’t liked to be reminded that she was fat and changed her whole look, she wanted to do the same with her room. What else doesn’t she want to be reminded off, has she tuned this out from her memory?

Hanna pll

Aria flat out lied to incriminate Andrew, although she didn’t do such a great job of it, and didn’t it seem as if her mum knew somehow that it’s not Andrew? Aria has lied in the past about Ezra and she kept her Dad’s affair from her mum.

Aria season 6 pll

So A did pick the girls for their differences. Is Songs of Innocence about A or the liars?

But we can rule out Sara as Bethany as one of the producer’s Bryan Holdman said this:

Bryan holdman tweet

So there is a new guy in town, Lorenzo, hmm, maybe it’s suspicious nature the programme has brought out but will he be Ali’s romeo or will he be the one to avoid?

And speaking of suspicious how awkward was the exchange between Ali and Toby? Toby does not think Andrew is responsible so he must be doing some digging of his own. I wonder if he thinks Ali is involved somehow.

Does anyone think Emily could potentially shoot Maya, if she is Alive? I don’t know I felt Emily will do something bad with a gun. And Sara said someone hit her on the head, so was she this girl that Melissa buried? There was a second girl that was pulled out was it Charles that pulled Sara out?

Sara Harvey Pll


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