Spencer KILLED Charles

spencer killed charles

Why does A make Spencer out to be a murderer?:-

spencer killed charles

spencer killed charles

In Season 6 Episode 4 Don’t Look Now Spencer gets her flashbacks from the dollhouse. She was seen with blood all over her clothes and blood all over the floor, she looks at the camera and shouts “What have I done!”.

It’s all starting to make sense now, we find out that Charles is REALLY dead! Have a look at my previous post Charles is Dead?

The only other person we know that was in Radley was Bethany and as I said before, she has been overlooking the whole thing.

So here’s something interesting, it’s possible Spencer was in Radley the same time as Charles in her previous Radley and drug addiction history.

Spencer was addicted to drugs and in the episode when Aria read out the name of Charles’ medication –

spencer killed charles

spencer killed charles

Spencer knew that they were anti-depressants, she was familiar with his pills.

So, here’s why I think Spencer killed Charles:

Spencer was in Radley with her drug addiction, she knew Charles whilst she was there.

Bethany was in Radley when Spencer and Charles were in Radley.

Charles has his medication and Spencer wasn’t allowed to take any pills.

Spencer swaps Charles’ medication with something else (possibly other pills) and keeps the anti-depressants for herself.

Charles now has other pills and has a bad reaction to them that causes his death. Remember Mr DiLaurentis said that he was taking pills and that caused his death.

Bethany knows everything, (if you haven’t seem my Maya is Bethany post, click here).

Mrs DiLaurentis could possibly have known about what Spencer did but she couldn’t admit to it because she had to keep Charles a secret.


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  • Amy

    Omg yes!! Also why did they think Spencer killed “Ali”? Maybe because she already sort of “killed” someone? Also Charles could’ve faked his death and that’s why he said you killed me, so I’ll kill you. 🙂