We still need to think about Alison, could she be something to do with AD?



The other day I was re-watching the first few series of Pretty Little Liars when I noticed something, the whole theme really is focused around the disappearance of Alison Lauren Dilaurentis.

Yes, everyone already knows this, and some may disagree, but please continue to read this because trust me it will make sense soon. I think back in season 1 really no one thought pll was about anything other than Ali and A, I mean these girls had been best friends with her and then she disappeared , and that would’ve been fine but was it really ever explained , the death was too mysterious and so was the explanation. Coincidence??? I don’t think so.

There has to be some kind of reason why Ali’s absence wasn’t properly explained. there has to be a reason why they chose not to reveal too much. I am aware that the story was somewhat explained, ali was hiding from A , she went away because she was threatened and couldn’t come home. But this was all very vague. I didn’t really notice this until now because the show clearly doesn’t have as much Alison focused plot line anymore. But we can’t forget actually how much they built up her story line.

Vivian Darkbloom , Holly Varjak, all her diaries, the way she re-appeared in the girls hallucinations ( whether they were hallucinations or not) all the different people she knew whose relationships were never explained how, eg. cyrus, Jonah, Duncan etc, and how she really knew wildon , Byron and everyone else she seemed to have loose ties with. I just feel like there was too much all about Alison and too much that’s unexplained before and now there’s never really a mention of this (last time there really was was half way through season 5). This ‘theory’ I have could all just be one massive plot hole UNLESS……….

THEY DID THIS ON PURPOSE>>> the writers wanted us to think that all of these clues and mysteries to do with Ali didn’t matter anymore so that there could be an even better reveal. They’ve left us thinking that Alison has completely changed and that we can completely trust her now but can we…

There was too much build up for it all to lead to nothing. Maybe Alison is still hiding something, maybe she’s AD or has something to do with the whole thing. Notice how when the girls came back from the 5 year time gap they weren’t too happy to see Alison, we were led on to believe this was because of what happened with Charlotte her sister but I think maybe there’s something more to the story.

Possibly there is something that has happened that the liars know about or maybe they don’t either, but they were all happy to see eachother, yet reluctant to see Ali, even Emily slightly. How do you guys feel about this??

I’m not saying I personally believe that Alison is AD however I think there might be something about her to be revealed in the last ten episodes. Hopefully!!!! – thanks Isobel