Sugar Sam – Massugar

sam pll

So you probably know I am a  PLL addicts so I went searching again and found something that intrigued me.

While i’ve been on a Maya hunt, I’ve been wondering about her website Massugar, I was looking for anagrams and I found this… Sugar Sam. Now it didn’t make sense but I typed it in Google anyway Sam Pll and guess who popped up?

This guy…

sam pll

Okay but I thought what’s he got to do with Sugar? then I found this,

“She (Spencer) offers to find the Sugar in the Raw for him, but he adeptly finds it himself”  Sugar Sam? I just followed the trail and found this but I thought maybe it could be related somehow.

Jenna was friends with him, what if he was in the house that night with Jenna and he went blind from Ali’s prank too?

He would want to get revenge, wouldn’t he, or maybe Jenna wanted to get revenge for him?

Maybe Maya knew him too and if she liked Jenna then maybe Maya is getting revenge for both of them?

Does anyone think the guy in the photo at the back looks like him?

Sam and maya pll

I noticed that his Hair is listed as Dirty Blonde in PLL wikia, so is Byron Montgomery’s hair.

Now i might be crazy, but when i saw him, i thought he could pass as being related to Aria, do you think?

sam pll


Now I might be clutching at straws but Marlene puts clues and this picture we rotated looks like there is a B, for Byron connection?

pll theory

In this episode Maya kept getting a lot of texts from someone, was is Sam, or Jenna?

These gates from the place that Sam stays at, they remind me of Radley.  Plus Sam lives in Philadelphia and we know the hooded person takes flights to philly.

Sam pll

What do you think? Can you make any connections?