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 Our theory is that “Sara Harvey” is a transgender Charles Dilaurentis. Firstly, in the home video of Charles and Jason like in the picture below. Why has one got pink laces and one got blue? It has to mean something? Following this, Charles tried to “drown Alison” according to Mr Dilaurentis. But what was his motive? Perhaps he was jealous and angry that Alison had the chance to be accepted

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 Below are just a few things we’ve noticed from season 6 and ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’. Changes to the girls’ rooms There are a number of subtle differences between the girls’ actual rooms and their rooms in the dollhouse. For example, the hanging ‘S’ in Spencer’s room becomes an ‘A’, and the Eiffel Tower poster in Hanna’s room becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There may be a parallel here

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 I don’t know if it has been mentioned before or it just seems too over thought but here it is. I re-watched pretty little liars and I got to season 4 episode 18, it’s the episode when the liars realised they had to get the dentist files, and if they got the file they would more likely get the name of who A is. Hanna managed to get the file

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 After re watching all five seasons, especially the first three seasons, I have come up with the theory, which I strongly stand by, Lets first get to know a bit about Jenna: In October 2008, Jenna moved to Rosewood after her mother married Toby’s father. She already knew who Alison was. She quickly became popular at Rosewood High School. Alison invited her to join her group of friends but she

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 Marion and Jessica are twins or sisters and their maiden name is Campbell. That’s why they were at the farm. Marion and Kenneth had Charles and Bethany together. Jessica was holding Bethany and Charles kissed her in the video. Hence why she wants her to call her aunt Jessie. Jessica had Jason with Peter so the other boy was Jason or possibly Andrew because he is their cousin. Toby is

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 Okay, so there are a hell of a lot of theories that say that Andrew is Charles/A/whatever we’re calling them these days. While I really don’t (or don’t want to) believe this due to his relatively fluctuant appearances in the show and how painfully obviously shady the writers have been making him look recently, I do however think that he may in fact be Varjak, but not for the reasons

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 She had a baby with Peter Hastings before she was married to Hanna’s dad. Ashley knew that Peter already had another son named Jason with Mrs. DiLaurentis, so she decided to give the baby up for adoption to the DiLaurentis family. His name was Charles and he was a year or so younger than Jason. As Charles went from a toddler into small boyhood, signs of him having a problem

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 Of the 2 boys, I think Andrew is the older/bigger boy. Look at the sweater the little boy is wearing under the vest. Then look at Andrew’s sweater while he is listening to Mrs Hastings phone call. Also, in the video Mrs D says kids your little sister and I think only the older boy kisses her. Then look at the shoe strings, the little boys are red (A is

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   Charles is NOT Bethany Young, nor is he CeCe Drake. (The age differences do not add up. Bethany was 17 when she died, making her 19 IF she’s alive and CeCe is 26.) In fact, he’s not a girl at all. Because Charles had a list of songs from 7 years ago and played “Unwritten” had the prom, which came out in 2005, I think he’s 24. They mention

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 Looking back to 1×8 “Please do talk about me when I’m gone” – Jason is very excited to see the girls – he says to them in Spencer’s kitchen “Mom, Dad and I are so thankful…” – as if he is speaking to one of his sisters about their parents – he doesn’t say “MY mom, dad and I”….. He says he remembers the girls laughing, keeping secrets, etc. seems

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 The major thing that jumped out at me when I saw the still shot of Mrs. DiLarentis and her 3 children was the color of one of the boy’s shoestrings. One has blue, while the other has pink. They are dressed very similarly with the shoestring colors being the only major difference. That makes me think that the theories that I have read about Charles identifying as a female are

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  Okay so here we go… In Ep: 1.1 or 1.2 Wren orders a vodka soda we also see A with vodka from time to time and in Ep: 3.4 orders a vodka soda while waiting at an airport. When Mona tells him about leaving the G being left out of diagnosis we see that his writing is in all caps like most if not all of A’s notes. Grunwald

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  I’ve been thinking about this for a while, The girls have never met Bethany (that we know of) so if she has never met them why would she hate them? Now in the books we know that Mona was at Toby Cavanaugh the night Ali threw the stink bomb in the garage, Mona got burned that night from the fire. We know the show likes to re imagine the story’s

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  Could Alison’s dad be A? Kenneth left when Alison died, and wherever he is claimed to have stayed he could well have stayed in Rosewood to torture the girls -especially Hanna who we can see he doesn’t like. He knew that Alison was alive, that is why he was so quick to get used to the idea of her coming back home, also, when Alison was away he and

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 Okay, so let’s start off with some basic background family tree information. Starting with Jenna. We do not know her parents’ names. However, we know her father isn’t in the picture and her mother married Toby’s father, Daniel. Daniel was originally married to Marion and together they had a child, Toby. Marion was in Radley for whatever reason and died. So here’s my theory: Let’s say Marion had a sister,

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 Think about it we’ve never seen whoever it is try to hurt the girls they’ve never even interacted with each other plus we saw whoever it is with a burnt Ali mask right after the lodge fire I think it’s Ms Marin because she probably loves each girl in a different way for a different reason and that’s enough to to make her want to save them all and the

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  In 2×25, UnmAsked, Mona goes to Radley & Red Coat (Big A) visits, & Mona says, “I did everything you asked me to” which means she was working for Red Coat. So throughout S1&S2, some of the A scenes could have been Mona BUT some could have been Big A, because Big A is supposed to be someone we have known since S1. I think BigA was/is CeCe or