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 Below are just a few things we’ve noticed from season 6 and ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’. Changes to the girls’ rooms There are a number of subtle differences between the girls’ actual rooms and their rooms in the dollhouse. For example, the hanging ‘S’ in Spencer’s room becomes an ‘A’, and the Eiffel Tower poster in Hanna’s room becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There may be a parallel here

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 Whoever Charles is, whether alive or dead, he is/was working with Black Widow. I don’t know if it’s mutual or if one is blackmailing the other. Someone sent me this from Pretty Little Liars xxxx Tumblr. Photo 1: Once you know what someone cares about, it’s easy to beat them, to separate them. Just like in chess. I lure each one and I isolate each of them, and knock them off

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 The titles for PLL Season 6, episodes 602/03 are called Songs of experience and Songs of Innocence; this is the title of William Blake’s famous poetry book. William Blake was an English poet and he was a deeply spiritual thinker. The more I think about A and his actions and motives the more it ties in with everything in this book. If you haven’t read Songs of Innocence and Experience,

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   So how’s everyone after the A reveal? Confused? Shocked? Think you’ve been watching the wrong show? because that’s pretty much how I felt after the finale! Well Marlene did say she’s going to shock us and I guess she did. SPOILERS…. Firstly can we just praise the fact that Mona is Alive, I mean silver linings an’ all. So glad to see Mona again, even if she did look

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 Firstly, these are NOT SPOILERS but my own Predictions of what could happen, and some of what I would like to see happen  in the BIG FINALE  for season 5. The liars watch NAT Videos planted around the Dollhouse They watch who pushed who off the roof at Radley A recruits a list of Ali’s haters, Paige, Lucas, Andrew, Cindy and Mindy, Jenna, Melissa, and brings them to the ‘prom’