The Story of Eddie Lamb

eddie lamb

The first appearance of Eddie Lamb was in Will the Circle Be Unbroken? He is seen a nurse at Radley Sanitarium when Spencer was admitted to Radley. Spencer asks Eddie about Toby he tells her that Toby used to visit his mom

In Misery Loves Company, we see this identity badge with the name E. Lamb and Toby’s photo, what’s the connection between the two, could Eddie Lamb have created this ID card for Toby to find out what happened to his mom

toby e lamb

In I’m Your Puppet, Spencer talks to Eddie about Wren in Radley. We find out that there was something between the two, Wren and Eddie. We get a hint that Wren may have handed out the fake visitor passes

In The Guilty Girl’s Handbook, Spencer talks to Eddie about his file with detective Wilden. Eddie was the person who noticed Marion was missing from her room and that the roof access door was unlocked. He saw Marion’s body on the ground and reported it. In the official notes, he said that Marion jumped from a window.

Eddie seems to keep things to himself, he knows what really happened to Marion. If the PLL producer’s were going with the Psycho theme, it could be that Toby pushed his mom off the roof using the fake identity and Eddie Lamb knows this and is keeping it a secret

In Run, Ali, Run, we find out that Ezra interviewed Eddie Lamb for his book, Aria shows the girls a drawing that was given to Ezra by Eddie Lamb below

e lamb pll

The photo shows Mrs D watering plants and a demon looking as if it is going to kill her. Why did Eddie have this drawing, does it mean something to him that he wanted Ezra to catch on to

The last episode that we saw Eddie Lamb in was The Silence of E. Lamb, the title itself could suggest that Eddie Lamb was killed. In the episode, Aria goes to Radley to find out who the drawing belongs to, Eddie Lamb seems to recognise Aria from before. Towards the end when Aria takes Bethany’s book and leaves Eddie calls her before she leaves and he notices Bethany’s book in her handbag. When Aria drives off, Eddie calls Ezra but we don’t find out what the call was about.

I think that Eddie Lamb knows what happened to Marion, he kept it a secret to protect someone who I think could either be Toby or Mrs DiLaurentis. Eddie Lamb could be Bethany’s father and Mrs DiLaurentis had an affair with him. In the latest recording of Bethany’s voice, tape that was in Mona’s book, Bethany says Why does she get to make all the plans, she sounds like she is talking to Eddie Lamb in a father daughter conversation. Maya could be Eddie Lamb’s daughter and Bethany could be her half-sister that Mrs D gave away to the Young family.

I think that Eddie Lamb, Mrs DiLaurentis, Bethany, Toby and Maya have a connection between them in some way.