There’s something about Melissa

melissa pll

Could Melissa Hastings have known about Alison and Ian all along and did she torture Alison for it. Alison saved Spencer form Ian at the church bell tower, did Melissa know that Ian had a thing for Spencer, did she purposely get the two together to find out the truth.


Someone burned the log that had Alison and Ian on it in the fireplace at season 1 episode 11 below:


We later see Hanna and Caleb at Spencer’s lake house. Look at the fireplace below.

hastings fireplace


pll theories

This means that it was Melissa who burnt the log and that means she must have seen Ians videos, all of the videos about everyone and she could be using them to blackmail a lot of people.

Melissa was there at the night Alison was buried. When Byron came to confront Alison about the blackmailing, he paused when Melissa came out of the house. Did he know something about Melissa that she was dangerous or did he have a thing for her, he had a look of relief.

Look at Melissa’s laptop below:

pll theories

We see two blonde girls one on each side of Melissa, are they twins? Are these the two girls Alison talks about in her halloween story? Is one of them Bethany? Who are they to Melissa.

Melissa’s laptop is the same laptop that A had, does this mean that she is helping/seeing A.

pll theoriespll theories

Melissa was dressed up as the Black Swan. In season 3 she told Spencer and her mom that A sent her a package with a note in it to wear the black swan. She could have lied about this because she knows how A works!

Melissa could also fit into the black widows figure. See below, the black widow has dark hair?

pll theories

She also came to the homecoming, what was she doing there, did she invite herself to keep an eye on the girls to report back to A.

pll theories

A gets Melissa’s ring from the pawn shop, it could be Melissa getting her ring back.

pll theories

Look at the dolls in this picture, Spencer’s doll is placed next to A, look at their arms they are different to the other dolls arms is that because they are sisters and A is Melissa?

I think Melissa could be Red Coat and she is working with A to get back at Alison.

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