To Plea or Not To Plea and Sara Harvey Theory

sara harvey and bethany

It looks like Varjak is a valid name of A or A’s associate. This clever gal found this…


Sara Harvey Pll

Sara Harvey! Okay so does this lead to Sara being A or someone getting revenge for her? We know Claire was a friend of Sara and so was a girl named Avery who we’ve never seen. If this is someone we don’t know then how are we to find her/him in the Pilot?

Marlene mentioned that we see A in Season 4, the only new girl we saw was Claire. And what did Bethany have to do with Sara Harvey?

The only thing I get confused at is that this is a stock photo, which I’ve mentioned before. I wonder if it is actually supposed to be  stock photo in Pll? to hide Sara’s real identity?

Sara Harvey Stock Photo

Melissa was back and talking in code again about how people do things for the ones they love. I know Melissa had a photo of two girls on her laptop, I’m wondering whether one of them was Sara Harvey. So that night could Sara have gone to see Melissa? I wonder if it makes sense that Sara Harvey and Bethany Young were twins?

melissas laptop

Did anyone notice Ezra’s body language when the Aria’s and Emily’s phones were being wiped out? Just looked a little weird, like he knew something. Was Ezra trying to find out what happened to Sara Harvey and not Ali?

Okay so I admit, I haven’t been a big fan of Ali in the past but so glad she actually grew a heart and didn’t take the plea! I did kinda feel sorry for her that she was burnt by the iron. At least we know why A put money in the bibles.

Ali pll

I’m wondering who this Neilan guy is, I’ve done a post here all about Neilan’s but I’m wondering how he is connected to Mrs. D.

Also I found these similarities in Noel’s Cabin in the Woods and Varjak’s Cabin in the woods. I’m not saying they are the same but they sure look it! Look at the stone wall in particular, it’s at a different angle but a little similar.

same armchair pll

cabin in the woods

noels cabin in the woods

varjak pll lodge

And who is this with Maya? Looks like Sara Harvey but she was dead at this time, maybe it’s her twin Bethany?

Sara Harvey and Bethany

Also the other girl in the pic looks like Sara’s friend below, who Emily and Hanna went to meet.  But then the only reason why it wouldn’t be is why didn’t Emily recognise her?

Sara Harvey Friend

What do you guys think? xoxo




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