Toby is A and Marion and Jessica are sisters – Guest Theory by Lucy

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Toby is A and Toby’s Mum is Jessica’s sister making Toby and Alison cousins. Charles is Toby’s twin/brother and also Jason’s and Ali’s cousin. C.Cauvanaugh (written in Jenna’s visitor book) stands for Charles Cavanaugh rather than Charles DiLaurentis.

charles cavanaugh

Their biological father is Ken DiLaurentis, which is what caused Marion and Jessica to fall out. Bethany is also Toby’s sister. She killed someone when she was very young and was sent to Radley. Her name was changed to protect her identity.

Whilst Marion is in Radley she is pushed off a building by Bethany but doesn’t die. Bethany escapes and Marion later gets up and follows her to Rosewood. She hits Alison over the head with the rock thinking it is Bethany (they are both suffering from mental conditions) and then goes into hiding as the Black Widow.

alison hit with rock

With news circulating about his Mum, Toby is looking for answers and is searching for Bethany and Alison when he overhears the liars talking about The Jenna Thing. Toby believes Alison is responsible for his Mother’s death and attempts to kill her not realising it is actually his own sister Bethany. This pushes Toby over the edge.

toby pll

– Someone is sending Alison messages is prison. Toby is a policeman

– Date of birth on Dr Sullivan’s case file looks like March ’94. Same as Toby’s

– Toby hides the knife he found from the police

– Classic murder mystery trick is to make the villain look suspicious and then clear their name. i.e. Toby being A just to protect Spencer

– Toby actually tried to kill Lucas

– He pretended to Spencer he was dead

– Spencer’s valedictorian speech to Toby. The writers are setting us up for a fall

– Toby to Spencer “You are never alone not even for a second.”

– Toby was drawing demons back in season 1 just like Bethany’s

Toby's drawing Pll

– He was really creepy in season 1 and everyone’s first guess. If the mazes in the show are metaphorical then maybe we are going round in circles even though the answer was right in front of us all along

Toby is A. Marion is The Black Widow and Jenna is Red Coat.

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Theory by Lucy.

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