Why Toby, why!

keegan allen

Toby has always been very mysterious, don’t you think?

Throughout seasons 1 and 2 of PLL, the girls have suspected Toby and accused him of a lot of things. One of the biggest PLL clues were that the girls always think of this person.

Now there’s this Johnny Raymond guy, is he the new Spoby, Spohnny?

Are the producers tearing Spoby apart so that we won’t need to feel sorry for Spencer when we find out that Toby is A? YES I said it that Toby is A!

There’s a lot of questions asked as to why Toby would be A and torture himself and the girls.

Let’s have a look:

  • Marion Cavanaugh (his mom) was pushed off the roof at Radley, this gives Toby a real motive for being A
  • So who did it and why did Mrs DiLaurentis cover it up?
  • Radley Sanitarium is an anagram of A DILAURENTIS ARMY – which means that the DiLaurentis family had something to do with it
  • We know that Mrs D covered it up so who would she protect? Herself? Her sister? Or her own daughter perhaps which might be Alison or Alison’s half sister!
  • Toby has a tattoo which says 901 Free at Last, does that represent the night that Alison was buried?
  • So what did the girls do to him? They were there when Alison threw the stink bomb into Toby’s house and they knew all about it and they kept it a secret
  • Toby used the girls to find out about Alison so he can torture her the way her and her mom did to his family

Did you notice all the scenes from Albert Hitchcock movies? Who are they specifically about? Have a look at Rear Window below:

Rear Window (1954)

rear window

rear window pll

toby rear window Rear windowToby has the head role?

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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