PLL Twin Theory – Hanna

PLL Twin Theory - Hanna

The mirror has three faces

The music box appears again in the PLL Spring finale and all I can remember is when Hanna looked into that Music box in season 3 and Red Coat appeared? Well could that Red Coat have been Hanna’s Twin?

Hanna Twin

Hanna Twins Ravenswood

Hanna Twin theory

We know Marlene posted those two red twins years ago and they were similar to the people that Hanna saw in Ravenswood. We also know Hanna was there when Ali told her twin story and we know Hanna’s mom is the one who saw that twin at her party. – It would fit together.

Remember last week when Ashley held this up? Was it in front of us?

Hanna Twin theory

And Hanna was eating that cake in the last episode when Aria said the fork has lipstick on it, but did Hanna pick it up because she was the one who started eating it at the wedding.

I wonder if that moment of her lying to Spencer, was to show us that she is, in fact, a great liar.

In the promo for the 6B finale, we don’t see Hanna when they are looking at the screen and Aria says “Could that even be possible?” And the camera points to Mona. In the last episode, Hanna goes to visit Ali, she finds the card, she has a plan, she acts dumb, and she appears in the ¬†finale promo more than the other girls.

Ali picked on Hanna a lot and made fun of her weight – could the real Hanna have been replaced by her twin after they decided to switch places – the one who was obsessed with Ali and getting back at her? Maybe what Hanna confessed was true, but this is the twin. I wonder, if Bethany is Hanna’s twin and all Ashley did was adopt them from….one of her neighbors…..

We know Red Coat burnt the Hanna doll some seasons ago, could this be linked?

In 2×24, we find that Hanna’s phone is set to record every time it is turned on – well, that’s a great feature to listen in on people right.

And one last thing, looking back, we’ve seen Hanna wear feminine clothes and ‘grunge-esque’ clothes – none of the other girls’ fashion choices have changed too much but hers always has – could be nothing but I would like if there was some element of foreshadowing, it would make me feel better about the show!

What do you think? Any other clues for Hanna?


  • melissa

    When Mona gave Hanna the book and asked did she remember 8th grade or something? Yet her and Hanna weren’t friends in 8th grade. Could Mona have being friends with her twin?

  • Kirsty Phipps

    I dont think hanna is the twin. Theres too many obvious clues in the promo and looking back. She gave us andrew, charles, ezra, toby. All of which came to nothing to the real story. I think hanna is connected but she isnt the twin. And i dont remember marlene stating the twins are the same gender

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