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Marlene has said that there is no coincidence in Rosewood, that everything is ‘planted’ for a reason. Why would Byron be in the episode on the night of Alison’s ‘murder’?

Let’s start with the book Lolita


We’ve seen Ali read this book – it’s about a teacher who lived in France and England and went to America, he fell in love with a 12 year old and married her mum to be close to her. He was also out of a mental hospital.

Here are some interesting facts: Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram of Vladimir Nabokov, who is the author of the book. In Vivian’s drivers license it says 1955 Humbert dr.  Humbert is the protagonist from Lolita, the book was published in 1955 in Paris (Paris is a big theme of Pll)

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vivian darkbloom

This is an excerpt from Ali’s diary. It says something about Mr. Montgomery and how he owes Ali. We can just about see the words ‘Slept together’.


We know Ali has a thing for older men, so was she involved with B.M? Or did she have dirt on him, maybe she knows that someone else slept with him and is blackmailing him?

Also I noticed how Ali always writes how she picks the girls. Read here it says “that’s why I picked her” and look below another piece from her diary where she talks about how she wanted Hanna to shave her head and how Spencer defends Hanna and Ali writes again ‘that’s why I picked her”.

pll ali's dary

Makes me think Ali planned the whole thing! Including her disappearance.

Also one more theory could be that Byron’s brother is in Radley (Byron told Mike he had mental issues) and in the haunted house in the Halloween episode it was definitely a guy’s hand that opened the door. The house had a Radley car parked outside.  Marlene King said that Aria has a new family member, could Bethany be her cousin and not her sister? Maybe Wren is Byron’s nephew, which makes Wren Bethany’s brother and Wren did say his father had issues as well.

Maybe Alison found out and she blackmailed Byron?

What do you think?

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