What if Mike has always loved Mona – Guest Theory by Rebecca

mike pll

With the season coming to the finale. I decided to look back for clues as to whom A is. I looked at all the texts and episode plots. Then I thought that maybe had nothing to do with it. I explored many possibilities and I have found a theory that makes sense.

If you think about it who is close to the liars and has access to them. I immediately think off someone related to the liars. It took me a while to think of a motive but I came to one eventually.

mike pll


I know this might be strange but if you think about it. Arias family moved away because of what happened to Alison. Maybe Mike wanted that. But then again would he want to leave his life behind. Once they returned. The Montgomery family had there ups and downs since they got back. This believes me to think It was all some kind of plan.

What if Mike has always loved Mona and wanted to get back at Alison and the girls for bulling her. Him and Mona could of teamed up to get the girls apart. Mona took Alison out of town and Mikes family moved. The girls separated for 1 year. Or he wanted revenge for his use to be perfect family turning into a broken one. If aria and Alison never saw Byron kissing that student would of this happened.

People immediately say it can’t be the young ones because they drink alcohol. It was that easy for Hannah to steal tequila from her mom on the night of Alison’s disappearance. Mike and Mona could of been working together since the beginning. I mean all the convos they had at Arias. Mike could of been listening. Plus Aria hasn’t got hurt that much by A. Yes she almost got pushed off the train by Wilden and another mystery person.

I know this theory might be a bit hard to believe as they’re siblings and all but you never know who you can trust.

Theory by Rebecca