Who is A?

Mona dead

Who is A? There are so many clues, so many twists, so many As.

In the last episode of PLL, Through a Glass, Darkly, we saw A take Mona’s laptop from Aria. A lured Aria somewhere alone using Mike’s cellphone where he/she could steal the laptop. How did A get a hold of Mike’s cellphone? Why did A pause when going to attack Aria? Was it Mike that stole his girlfriend, Mona’s, laptop, could Mona still be alive and like a black widow she is controlling him. Mike wouldn’t hurt Aria or would he, we are already suspicious that A has never done anything that bad to Aria, is that because the person who is A is close to Aria just as Ezra was.

This makes us think that Mona is still alive and the Mona that we saw was just another dollmonas-lifeless-eyes-on-pll-pretty-little-liars, after all A is very good at making dolls look very much alive. Mike didn’t grieve, he didn’t seem like someone who lost someone really close to them until Aria had that chat with him, she didn’t see him crying, that could have been a fake audio.

Mona and Mike, we’re onto you!

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