SHOCKING: Why Chris Cavanaugh could be A

Chris Cavanaugh pll

I’m saying that Chris Cavanaugh is Toby Cavanaugh’s TWIN! Here’s why:

  • Look at this Radley sign in sheet, what other reason would A get rid of it, it had his name on it, C. Cavanaugh.chrisc
  • Alison said that Toby was looking into her room when she called him a ‘perv’, it wasn’t Toby it was Chris and he was watching her and this is how A watched everyone.
  • Toby came with Emily to the homecoming, this was confirmed by the police officer in the Homecoming Hangover, notice the difference in the personalities, he is a nicer version of Chris.
  • In the Blonde Leading the Blind, Chris put Toby in hospital because he wanted to protect Toby from Spencer and this way Spencer would feel that it is too dangerous for Toby to be around, then when Toby was still in hospital, he drove Toby’s car outside Spencer’s house with a note for Spencer, Chris was trying to split Toby from Spencer.
  • In Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Spencer tells Aria and Hanna that Toby is A, in the same episode she finds ‘Toby’s’ body in the woods. This was set up by Chris so that Toby was not suspected as A as he is trying to protect him.
  • Also notice how ‘Toby’ never wants to be found by Spencer because it’s Chris not Toby!
  • In A dAngerous gAme, when A walks into the diner, notice how in the reflection it looks as if he has his hood on and then we see Toby without his hood. Also look at the words on this clock which is shown twice! Chris and Toby switch?toby chris pll

Here’s what happened and why Chris Cavanaugh is A.

  • Mrs DiLaurentis and Marion Cavanaugh are sisters
  • Mrs D had an affair with Marion’s husband
  • Marion found out and went crazy, she was admitted to Radley
  • Mrs DiLaurentis joined Radley to keep an eye on Marion
  • Chris visited Marion in Radley, Bethany saw them
  • Mrs DiLaurentis tried to apologize to her sister but when they were on the roof, Mrs DiLaurentis accidentally pushed Marion off
  • Bethany saw this happen so Mrs DiLaurentis took Bethany out to the farm and assured her that she didn’t see what happened on the roof
  • Cece was in Radley dressed as Alison at the same time and she told Bethany that it was Mrs DiLaurentis
  • Bethany drew pictures of Mrs D
  • Cece blackmailed Mrs D about what happened so Mrs D bought her clothes and whatever she wanted to keep her quiet
  • Bethany told Chris what happened and that Alison told her because Cece said she was Alison
  • Chris became A to get revenge on the DiLaurentis family

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  • Amy

    It could be Charles Cavanaugh. Just putting that out there.