Wilden is A – Guest Theory by Adam G.

wilden pll

wilden pllWilden is A, I read somewhere that Wilden is the only character from PLL who has blue eyes and little Charles has blue eyes, so this is a first clue pointing towards Wilden being A also Wilden has blonde hair like Jason and the little boy from the video. In season 6 episode 9 at the end Alison sounded like she knew who it’s was by her facial expressions and by what she said, she didn’t look confused to who it was so she definitely knew them.

The wren is A theory can’t work as Ali doesn’t know Wren so if he was A Alison would of been confused because she doesn’t know him.

My other theory about who hit Alison around the head that night is that Bethany Young hit Alison and then Charles hit her round the head out of revenge.

wilden is a pll

The hands on this picture from the trailer for the finale look like a women’s the nails are nicely done, also the recordings Mona and Spencer got from Radley shows that Bethany didn’t know whether she can trust the Dilaurentis’s and she said is it mother like daughter so I think when she escaped she went there to get revenge so she hit Alison round the head and the reason Jessica covered it up is because she likes Bethany and that she was worried that she would tell about Charles and that he is alive.

wilden pll


So, because Bethany hit Alison, Charles decided to get revenge because he just wanted to get back to his family, as we found out by the 2 minute sneak peek of the finale where aria says “you’ve spent your whole life trying to get back to your family. It’s not to late,”. So we know all he wants is to be with his family so because Bethany tried to kill Alison she nearly wrecked his happy ending so he hit her round the head as you can see from this photo it looks like A is standing above someone on the ground, could this be Bethany and it’s outside Alison’s house so maybe Charles hit her out of revenge and payback.

Theory by Adam G.

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    The person he is standing over is alison’s mom……