Wren is A – Guest Theory by Lily

wren pll

Wren is A

wren pll

I have been suspicious for a while now and the more I look into the more obvious it because so I am going to share 6 of my favourite wren is a clues 🙂

Charles is A

  1. Spencer knows Charles/A

I don’t think Charles and a are the same person but still, Spencer seems to know Charles/A. She is seen alone with Charles/A many times so why is he targeting her? if Charles is related to Ali then he could be related to Spencer too… When Ali said I am surprised Spencer hasn’t figured it out was that because she is the smart one or because she is around wren 24/7? Spencer seems to be As main target and wren knew Spencer the best.

red coat charles

  1. Melissa

In the latest episode Red Coat and A worked together so maybe Melissa is redcoat? Or maybe wren used Melissa to get to Spencer after all he made it clear after he kissed Spencer that he was no longer into Melissa yet he is now living with her?

dolls wren

  1. Doctor

There are so many clues about him being a doctor like he would have access to a lot of the stuff a has plus a doctor gets paid well and a is very wealth. Also little thing people have said like Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts -A’ and ‘the doctor is in’ and ‘maybe you should go on the pill, I know a doctor your parents don’t need to find out’ and so many more references.

nosey wren

  1. British

Why did wren move? He was always very touchy on the subject and we don’t know about his passed life also when the girls go to Dr Sullivan’s office and find ‘nosey bitches die’ on the wall well nosy is only spelt with the e by British people and who do we know that is British?

Maya at Radley

  1. Radley

Everything always seems to lead back to Radley whether it is shut down or operating and wren happens to work there plus there are much of clues in Radley that wren had access too. Charles was there so was Mona and so was Bethany and so many other people that we don’t know of yet!

wren vodka

  1. Mona!

OMG!!! That conversation wren had with Mona back when Mona was leaving Radley about trust and all that! I thought they were strangers but it seems they have known each other for awhile now.

There are so many more like the vodka and the OCD but the real question is what is wren still doing here? Like seriously he was a boyfriend so shouldn’t he be out of the show by now? But no he is still lingering in the background!

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  • Claire Tryth

    But Spencer kissed wren and he was dating her sister, so that wouldn’t work #incest

  • Meredith

    i agree, plus how the heck would Charles who used to be in Radley be able to walk around there like Wren did without ANYONE knowing him. Seems weird.