Wren is CHARLES and Jason is Bethany’s Brother


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I saw this awesome Wren theory and it just seems to make sense.  Love the way it’s put together.

It got me thinking about Wren, I wrote about him when I said he dated Melissa to get close to Maya/Bethany who was living next door but I wanted to add a bit to this video.

Wren was first seen in season one, episode one. I think he used Melissa as his way in to get to know the DiLaurentis family and the Liars.

Melissa could still be working with Wren, she was Black Swan after all.

When Spencer goes to London, we see Melissa but why didn’t we see Wren, why? Spencer thought the blood was placed in her bag before her flight, but what if it was placed after? By Wren’s friend.

Wren was in the Camp Mona episodes, Marlene tweeted this:

wren is charles

Charles is a British/French name

A has access to morgues, hospitals, prisons, we know that Wren helped Cece get a fake ID to get into Radley Sanitarium and as a Doctor he can get into all of those places

Why did Eddie argue with Wren?

Leave the Lamb

Wren said that his father had a mental illness. I’m wondering if his father is actually Dr. Palmer?

Keegan Allen said this in an interview: “When it’s finally revealed, you could literally go back to season 1 and knowing who it is, you can be like, ‘Oh, wow. Whoa. This has been here all along, and I never noticed it,’ which is, I think, brilliant.”

Wren’s motive as Charles

Wren is a DiLaurentis, he was switched with Jason when they were young.

Jason is Bethany’s real brother and not a Hastings or a DiLaurentis, this is why they have no photos of Jason when he was younger

Bethany drew this picture, is this someone taking her brother Jason away from her


The father that Wren was talking about could really be Bethany’s father and that would explain why she was in Radley

So Wren is really Ali’s brother and Jason is Bethany’s brother but they were switched and Marion was a child nurse so she could have known this, that would explain why Mrs DiLaurentis would get someone to push Marion off the roof

Someone posted this on twiiter.

jason bethany pll

It was on the wall in Charles’ soul room, if you look at the names carefully it says Jason on the left and Bethany on the right, the only weird part is that both certificates say Birth of a Son. But I’m guessing the Hastings could have changed this.

It also explains why Mrs D wanted Bethany to call her ‘aunt Jessie’ and would take her out to the stables

Wren drew this picture:

Wren drawing

It could have been his memory a family happy together at the stables before they were torn apart by his family

When Charles walked into his soul room as Spencer watched the video, there was a connection between the two, Wren had feelings for Spencer and he wanted her to understand him

Charles is A

Here’s the Theory: Why did the DiLaurentis family switch babies? 

I think Mrs.D had postpartum depression and she didn’t want her baby (Charles/Wren)

Meanwhile Marion has twins, Bethany and Jason. Mrs. D pays Marion to switch babies with Marion’s boy (Jason) because she wasn’t thinking straight.

At first they all holiday together and the children grow up together. But later Marion can’t cope and has both her baby Bethany and the switched baby Charles adopted.

Charles (Wren) grew up in England with an adopted family – Maybe Dr.Palmer was the adoptive parent. That’s where he got his ‘Doctor’ knowledge from. Bethany (Jason’s twin) grew up in another town. Marion’s children were separated and she didn’t take it well.

Marion later has Toby and he reminds her of her other children. Marion can’t cope and is checked in to Radley.

Dr Palmer is transferred from London to work in Radley where he treats Marion and he tells him about the adoptions of Bethany and Charles.

Wren overhears this.

Wren thinks he is Marion’s child who was neglected by her, so he accidentally pushes her off the roof. Bethany sees that he’s killed.

Meanwhile, Cece wants Mrs. D to treat her how she treats Ali but Mrs. D doesn’t like her. Cece finds out later about Charles and sneaks into Radley and tells Wren who his real family are.

Bethany finds out that Charles is Mrs. D’s child and Jason is actually her brother who was switched with Charles. She starts drawing pictures of her brother being taken away.

Charles is upset and goes to find Mrs.D. Who refuses to acknowledge him, so he targets Ali and her friends. It’s all a game at first until he sees she”s just like Mrs.D, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And this annoys him.

That night Bethany blackmails Wren into letting her escape, she tells him she saw him push Marion.  She goes with him to Rosewood because she wants to see her actual brother, Jason.

Mrs. D gets a call that Bethany has escaped (She is looking out for Marion’s child)  she stops Ali from going out because she thinks Wren/Charles may be behind it.

Charles and Bethany arrive in Rosewood, they find Cece, Cece taunts them how they were left in Radley and their parents never loved them. Charles gets angry and hits her with the shovel that he saw Spencer leave behind. Bethany runs away.

Charles is angry he goes to see him mum but he sees Ali instead and hits her with the rock. He already has blood on his hands from hitting Cece.

Mrs. D sees. she knows Ali can breathe so she buries her and sends Charles away. She calls Mrs. Grunwald to come and get Ali.

Charles also sees that Ali has disappeared and yet again finds that Mrs. D doesn’t want him. He starts to plan how to get back at Ali, her family and her friends. Who I think have more of a story in his background than we know. Mr. Hastings could have known about it, he could have created the birth certificates for Mrs. D.

I think that Wren’s dad is Byron Montgomery’s Brother, the man that Mrs. D had an affair with. Maybe Wren switched records so it leads back to Bethany and not him.

So Wren and Ali are half brother and sister and Jason and Bethany are brother and sister. No-one is Mr.Hastings child, they lied about this. This is why Wren dating Melissa would make sense. This is why Toby is looking into it, because he knows Bethany is his sister but doesn’t know about Jason.

Maya was a friend of Bethany’s at Radley and that’s what she knew. or Shauna used to play with both families as a child and she told Maya.

Charles kidnapped Sara whilst he worked on his master plan.

Bethany is BW and Wren is Charles. But Bethany is still wanting to get back at Charles for pushing her mum Marion so she’s telling him what to do and getting him in trouble more.


  • Erin Nikki Herring

    I think it’s plausible and there are tons of twists in how he got to be Charles if he is. It would be poetic. Wren actually is slang for “god” in Russian and a few other languages. ‘Varjak’, ironically translates from Hungarian to English as “crows” as well. I’ve been wondering if that is going to play in to tonight’s episode too. Since this show plays on words and anagrams so much its easy to read into one thing too much and other things not enough!