Wren Is Charles Theory

Wren is Charles

I know there are many Wren clues, but I found a few more that have me convinced that Charles is Wren.

In s3:1 when Hannah went to visit Mona, she was reading a magazine and she says “this thing is full of birds, it’s all about feathers this season”. So feathers, Birds of a feather, Wren is the name of a bird. In fact the Wren bird has many links to what’s been going on in PLL at the moment.

I found this:

“The English name wren derives from Middle English wrenne, Old English wraenna, attested (as werna) very early, in an 8th-century gloss. It is cognate to Old High German wrendowrendilo and Icelandic rindill (the latter two including an additional diminutive -ilan suffix). The Icelandic name is attested in Old Icelandic (Eddaicrindilþvari. This points to a Common Germanic name *wrandjan-, but the further etymology of the name is unknown”

German? Icelandic? That’s a common theme around PLL.  Some of the Welcome intros were in these languages.

The Dutch the name is winterkoninkje (little winter king).

It’s also known as the King of Birds

And the kicker is:

I Marlene Kind put references from William Blake and said there is a big clue around this, have a look at this passage from one of his poems.

Wren is Charles

“Auguries of Innocence” begins with the act of seeing “a World in a Grain of Sand” and ends with the assertion that God displays his human form to those who can correctly perceive Him”

This explains the bible.

Wren was a creature of Greek Mythology, which Marlene has said, an aspect of mythology is related to PLL.

The maths question led to Wren

Wren can get into prisons because of his Doctor background.

It explains how he can change the Radley passes and give out passes.

Melissa lived in Philadelphia so Wren used to go and see her, it must have been Wren at the airport that left the bill.

Out of all the places that Marlene could use, she chose to have scenes in London, um, yeah Wren is English, of course she had to have one of the liars visit his hometown.

Wren plays with body parts because he is a doctor, naturally.

Remember when Garret’s mum is taken to hospital, well Wren could have given her something to scare Garrett, in case he talks.

He has access to hospital records to change them, he could even switch up DNA if he wanted.

Maya probably knew Wren from Radley, or they are working together.

Wren must have been adopted into a rich family, hence the money.

You can hide the natural colour of your eyes by wearing contacts, so we don’t know whether Wren could have Blue eyes.

He knew the board at Radley wanted to send Mona away so he got Hanna to talk to them. He needed Mona in on his game.

In Spencer’s flashback of Ali in  S3:6, Ali says her friend knows someone who can get fake ID’s. I think this friend was Cece and her friend was Wren. Wren was the one who could get the fake ID’s. He took her anklet that she was  wearing.

Wren is tied to everyone, he knows all the girls too. He disappears for long period of times. Melissa knows something, could it be about Wren?

I think Mrs.D met Mr.D after she had Charles and Jason. That’s why he wasn’t in the family film.

So, with these clues, here is my Wren is Charles Theory: